4 Types of Hormone Testing

hormone testing

With over 50 different types to consider, hormones are one of the important contributors to the human body. These hormones are used to control and regulate various biological processes. Even slight changes can result in a more profound effect on your health. You may wonder how you are supposed to keep track of a process in the body that you cannot observe. That is why hormone testing can give you important information about your health.    

Different Types of Hormone Testing 

If you have not gotten your hormones tested, the options can make it seem like an overwhelming experience. However, your medical professional knows the best course of action once getting to observe your case. At Chapel Hill Gynecology, our team of professionals is here to help you learn more about your hormone levels.  

Blood Serum Test

Blood serum testing is often considered the gold standard of hormone testing. This is the only type of testing recommended by the Endocrine Society, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the North American Menopause Society. The combination of recommendations makes this the most effective way to learn more about your hormones through testing. By partnering with Quest Diagnostics, we offer this type of testing at Chapel Hill Gynecology for your needs to discover the best course of treatment based on the results. There are multiple forms of hormone therapy to consider that can help you reach your health goals over time.  

This type of testing is very similar to a normal blood draw. It provides measurements of the various different hormone concentrations in the bloodstream. This is an effective method of monitoring pellet or injection HRT. 

Saliva Test

Saliva testing is considered another form of hormone testing. This is a method of measuring the free hormones that are commonly available. It is done in a simpler manner of collection that is often even done at home. 

However, this type of testing is often proven to be inaccurate and misleading for female hormones. It does not accurately capture the full extent of the hormone levels in the body. Due to this information, this is not a type of hormone testing that is available at our location. 

Urine Test

Urine tests are another method of hormone testing that can often even be done at home. It frequently uses multiple collections to dispute any discrepancies. The urine test measures the process of the body metabolizing the hormones in the system. 

This is considered an easier method due to the availability of home testing, and it being easy to do more tests when needed. 

Blood Spot Test

While not requiring a blood draw, the blood spot test involves a finger prick. Then, the blood spot taken from this prick is sent to a lab to investigate further. It has been found that this can be a useful resource for finding estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone levels in the body. It is interesting to note the differences between male and female hormones as they present themselves in different types of tests, such as the blood spot test. 


Hormone testing can provide valuable insight into the way your body is functioning. This may even be a solution to a larger problem that you did not realize was connected to your hormones. You never know what is out there to discover about your body. Are you interested in scheduling a blood serum test to get accurate results about the function of your hormones? Schedule an appointment today to meet with a valuable member of our team. Check out our website or give us a call at (919) 960-2720 for more information. 

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