5 Health Goals To Prepare At The Beginning Of 2023

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Everyone can get overwhelmed at the beginning of the year. People are claiming resolutions that are often too big to maintain. The disappointment stems from the inability to achieve some goals quickly, and the new year starts to feel less new. However, there are ways to set achievable goals. Health goals can start as small changes to the lifestyle that grows as you go. 

At Chapel Hill Gynecology, we are here to offer up health goals that can make resolutions possible. It all starts with deciding you want to start and preparing options that pair well with your situation. 

Health Goals For 2023 

Make Healthy Changes To The Diet 

The new year does not have to mean a whole new diet. It can simply mean making adjustments to the diet you already have. If you are struggling with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, menopause, or even daily energy struggle, your diet can greatly enhance and change how your body feels. 

Spend More Time Drinking Water

Water has many benefits to your everyday life. At the most basic level, drinking water prevents dehydration in your body. However, it also helps in joint health, protecting sensitive tissue, and eliminating waste. If you are going through menopause, heat flashes and feelings of exhaustion can be aided by water consumption.  

When your body goes through heat flashes and night sweats, it loses even more water than usual. This makes it even more essential to drink water and stay on top of your hydration. By dispelling those problems, you can also decrease the chances of dizziness and fatigue. 

Try Out A New Exercise Class 

Instead of making impossible resolutions, try new exercise classes for fun and health goals. New places are constantly opening up that could be your new favorite hobby. By moving your body, whether it be a dance class, yoga, or any other physical activity, you can start changing how your body looks and feels. If you don’t want to go alone, this is a great health goal to do with friends. You can all get moving while also being social. 

Schedule Your Annual Appointments

The beginning of the year is a great time to ensure you get your yearly appointments scheduled. While we specialize in your hormone health goals, it is also important to see your primary physician, dentist, and everything in between to ensure each aspect of your health is operating at its best. By planning them out at the start of the year, you can ensure that all of them fit, especially as things begin to get busier and busier.  

Do Personal Wellness Checks 

Keeping tabs on your overall health goals is important even when you are not at the doctor’s office. This means paying attention to your feelings and noting changes if they happen. While it might not be something you have to confront right now, it can allow you to compare and see if anything changes. If you begin to notice something that you think may be a sign of a larger problem, contact your doctor to get checked out sooner rather than later. 

These health goals can get you feeling great this year. It does not have to be in the first week of the year! Real differences can be felt over time as you start to make lifestyle changes. You are not far from your ideal physical and mental feelings. The key is optimizing the changes to suit your individual needs. Are you interested in learning more about the specific changes that are best for you? Our team is here to help and talk through possibilities. Check out our website or give us a call for more information.  

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