Staying Healthy and Happy This Holiday Season


The holidays can bring up a lot of emotions, especially when you are also handling situations about hormones. If you are surrounded by friends and family, it can feel like a lot to juggle. When you take a second to look over the holidays and decide what you want them to look like, this can make a huge difference for you. Prioritizing self-care is an essential factor of the holiday season. Try not to feel overwhelmed this holiday season. With these tips, it could be the best one yet! 

At Chapel Hill Gynecology, we know changes in hormones and working through harsh medical conditions can make you feel like you can’t have fun. However, we have watched countless patients reach a point where they can stay healthy and happy this holiday season. 

A Healthy and Happy Holiday Season 

Stay Warm

Whether you are handling the symptoms of menopause or simply someone who gets easily cold, staying warm can help give you a healthy and happy holiday season. Bring jackets when the weather requires them, especially if you are going to spend a lot of time outside. When you manually regulate your body temperature, you do not have to worry about the effects of menopause or the cold as much as before. 

Work On Managing Stress

The symptoms of stress can flare up in overwhelming situations like the holidays. This is when it becomes essential to navigate the holidays with your favorite self-care activities. You may need alone time during the day. Constant communication and time with others can make anyone anxious, so you should work with this as you need to. It could also be a great time to do a mental check on how you are feeling emotionally. You can rest and think without worrying about the normal day operations that occur when you are not in the holiday season. 

Get Necessary Exams and Screenings 

This may be a great time to schedule the necessary exams and screenings you need for the year. Whether this is a trip to the gynecologist or the dentist, you can schedule the appointment and get it done around the events. You can go into the new year knowing that your health is under the control of your doctors and take any new necessary steps. 

Eat Healthy Meals 

We know it can be tempting to indulge in all the treats of the holiday season. However, your long-term health will benefit by practicing moderation. You can decide which of the treats are your favorite and ensure you still get to have those. By then, you can find alternatives to the other foods that are still delicious but are not the best for your diet. This may even lead you to try new recipes that are good for the gut and also taste great. 

Stay Active 

While watching your diet, you can also implement ways to stay active around the festivities. When your family and friends are in town, this could look like a nice walk around the neighborhood. You can try to fit in some new ideas you have not tried before to see if you want to stick with them into the new year as well. 


We know to navigate the holidays, it takes staying calm and preparing. While you may think most of the planning is for others, you must remember yourself. With these tips, you can start thinking about what it looks like to take care of your needs during the holidays. Do you have to schedule your annual gynecological check-up for the holidays? Chapel Hill Gynecology can help you find a time that works best. Check out our website or give us a call for more information today. 

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