5 Key Hormones For Men’s Health

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While the most frequently discussed hormone in men’s health is testosterone, many other contributing players are there. By learning about how key hormones impact your health, you can understand the best ways to get them under control. There is no shortage of information about them with so many roles to play. 

Key Hormones For Men’s Health

We specialize in male hormone replacement therapy at Chapel Hill Gynecology & Hormone Therapy. To understand why this may apply to you, it is impactful to first learn about the different key hormones your body has to work with—looking to make a change? Book an appointment today!  


As the most commonly discussed hormone in the male body, testosterone is the male sex hormone made in the testicles. However, the copious amounts of conversation about testosterone stem from its importance in the male body. It is imperative for male development through puberty and other areas of growth.  

When testosterone is too low, this can exhibit damaging effects on the body. From emotional to physical impacts, it becomes clear that something health-related is happening. There are ways to combat these symptoms that can start with something as simple as a supplement. However, if you are experiencing severe issues from low testosterone levels, hormone replacement therapy may be the solution to consider for long-term aid. 


Cortisol is a hormone that men and women have in common, with tremendous importance. This hormone is a steroid hormone mainly used to regulate the body’s response to stress. It is produced and released by the adrenal glands and endocrine glands. 

When this hormone is not working as necessary, the implication can come in the form of stress management, anxiety, and even the development of other conditions. It has that emotional effect when you often do not even realize it. This usually occurs when the levels of cortisol reach too high a level.  

Luteinizing Hormone

The luteinizing hormone presents itself as part of the reproductive system in the body. According to the Cleveland Clinic, it is a messenger for your sex organs to let them know to start specific reproductive processes. This example of key hormones in the pituitary gland is released consistently over time, similarly to the produced testosterone.

When there are issues with the hormones related to the sex organs, including testosterone and follicle-stimulated hormones, there can be delays and other things in sexual development and puberty.  

Follicle-Stimulated Hormone

Similar to the luteinizing hormone, the follicle-stimulated hormone also plays a role in providing messages to the sex organs in your body. This hormone in men contributes to the development of gonads as well as sperm production. 


Thyroxine is known as the thyroid hormone. As a part of the thyroid’s actions, this can play a role in maintaining metabolic rate and digestive functions while also contributing to something as seemingly unrelated as brain development. With so many parts, this hormone’s levels must remain steady. 

The release of too much thyroxine presents itself as thyrotoxicosis. Often, this stems from an overactive thyroid. This can be a major health concern if left untreated. Once you notice symptoms of that condition, it is vital to seek medical attention to confront it early. 

Key hormones can change your health by simply reaching too high of levels. By understanding a few of the essential ones, you can gain better insight into their role in your health. These are a great place to start! Are you looking to gain control of your hormone health? Chapel Hill Gynecology & Hormone Therapy is here to help you do it. Check out our website or give us a call at (919) 960-2720 for more information.

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