4 Health Conditions That Can Improve With Pellet Therapy

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Pellet therapy is a type of bioidentical hormone use. VirtuaHealth defines bioidentical hormones as those with the exact chemical structure as the hormones produced in the body. Pellet therapy is a hormone therapy that medical professionals can use for men and women. It can improve multiple health conditions someone may be facing.

Pellet Therapy’s Health Improvements For Men 

These pellets are made from organic plant material to create compounded testosterone. Using a rice-sized portion of it, a medical professional inserts it under the skin located at the hip area. The hormones are released from there into the bloodstream. At Chapel Hill Gynecology, we are here to provide you with pellet therapy if it works best for your situation! 


Andropause is the time when men experience a decline in testosterone levels. As men age, they all face this period of decline. This usually occurs around the age of 40. These symptoms can make a male’s life increasingly unpleasant and challenging. The symptoms can present themselves in a variety of ways detailed below as natural hormone therapy can help each situation in different ways. 

Pellet therapy helps by introducing testosterone into the system naturally. The man then does not have to worry about the declining testosterone levels. The symptoms of andropause will not be as intense and may even resolve themselves altogether.    

Low Sex Drive

When testosterone levels have declined, men can see a decline in their sex drive as well. The low testosterone leaves their body not as inclined to participate in sexual activity. This may be a difference that is unexpected but would be unpleasant for a man struggling with the decline in their testosterone. The mood changes also play a part in not wanting to exhibit as high a sex drive. 

Here, pellet therapy does a similar aid as with andropause by inputting testosterone where it is lacking. The feeling that men get when the pellet therapy procedure is done is similar to that of when they are going through puberty, invoking a higher sex drive. 

Bone Density 

Testosterone levels declining can also cause male bones to lose density. According to Spine-Health, hypogonadism is this insufficient amount of testosterone in a man that leads to bone density issues. With this, the bones become more fragile and susceptible to breaks. This can make certain activities more difficult or impossible to do. 

The use of pellet therapy can give men the chance to not suffer from stiff declines in bone density and remain able to participate in their favorite activities. It can also lead to them not having to deal with an injury over the bone density decline. 

Mood Changes 

A decline in testosterone also leads to changes in a man’s mood. This can look like depressive episodes, anxiousness, and even moments of anger. While not constant, the mood changes can be disruptive to a normal day. It may even cause those around you to wonder what is going on. 

This is a chance for the testosterone introduced naturally by pellet therapy to work towards fewer mood changes. Introducing natural hormones in this way can transition you subtly without feeling overwhelmed with changes. With a quick and easy procedure, you will not have to worry about it taking much time out of your day as well. 


Pellet therapy may be a great idea for men suffering from low testosterone as they age. It naturally introduces the hormones in a way that can benefit a multitude of health concerns. If you are looking for more information about pellet therapy, Chapel Hill Gynecology can help. Are you interested in pellet therapy? Find more resources on our website or give us a call at (919) 960-2720. 

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